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University Of Munich
  • Quick Stats Address Setting Country Established Website
    Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
    80539 Munich
    Urban Germany 1472 http://www.biologie.lmu.de/
    The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich or, as commonly known, the University of Munich is a public research university, it is among Germany's oldest and also one of the top universities of all Europe.

    The Faculty of Biology and Chemistry and Pharmacy at LMU, offers students choices and modern didactic concepts that are apt for creating future biotechnologits.

    The Faculty of Biology and the associated new Biocenter enjoy great national and international reputation. In university rankings, the faculty is regularly a top among German universities.

    In addition, the proximity to other facilities at LMU, such as the Gene Center of the non-university research institutions such as the Max Planck Institutes and the institutes of the Helmholtz Association and the biotech company offers an excellent environment in terms of expertise in theory and practice.

  • Admission Info Undergraduates SAT Undergraduate Fees Graduates TOEFL iBT GRE Quantitative GRE Verbal Graduate Fees Financial Aid Academic Term
    More.. 45539 €222 €1500 Winter
    Biotechnology courses are offered in two different faculties at the University
    • Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy
    • Faculty of Biology
    Coureses offered by faculty of Biology
    • Bachelor in Biology
    • Teaching degree Biology
    • Minor in biology
    • Bioinformatics in Munich (TU / LMU)
    • Master of Science, Biology
    • Master Evolution, Ecology and Systematics
    • Master of Neurosciences
    Courses offered by faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

    • Bachelor of Science in chemistry and biochemistry
    • Master of Science in chemistry
    • Master of Science in biochemistry
    • Bachelor and Master programs in pharmaceutical sciences (only german)
    Graduate Schools
    • Graduate School Life Science Munich
    • Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences
    Application Process

    Bachelor program applications are accepted only in the winter semester, ie the application deadline is the 15th July.

    You are essentially applying for an aptitude test which will be held at LMU.

    For foreign students

    Foreign nationals who did not have their schooling in Germany or have German school certificate from elsewhere should follow this procedure

    Application Form

    An Application form must be sent along with the documents mentioned below. You can download the Application form here.

    German knowledge

    The study at the LMU is sufficient knowledge of German advance which must be proved (except for some courses taught in English).

    Certified document copies to enclose:
    • School/Uniiversity certificates (local language and in translation)
    • CV (up to the date of application fee)
    • A self-penned cover letter in German (for Master and PhD is not a motivation letter required)
    • Where an application for change of subject / university exchange: evidence so far of all academic work (applications without academic achievements will not be considered!)
    • Any credit notice of the Examination Office for a higher semester
    This applies to both freshmen and master applications as well as applications for study and academic exchange. The application to the International Office does not replace the qualifying examination at the faculty. This must be requested in parallel.

    Also for this application deadlines apply for the winter semester 15 July and the 15th for the summer semester January. If you granted the approval from the Office of International Affairs, to study at the University of Munich, you can use this commitment and aptitude of the Faculty of Biology 2 Perform step.

    Most courses at the University of Munich are taught in German so one of the most important requirements is sufficient knowledge of the German language.

    The application deadlines for each semester vary, the dates are listed on the website, along with admission information for EU citizens and non-EU citizens who wish to apply.
  • Research & Scholars Scholar Funding Postdoc Scholars Research Facilities PhD Scholars Research Grants
    More.. ArchaeoBioCenter
    Animal Welfare Information Center for Biomedical Research (TIZ-BIFO)
    BioImaging Center (biz)
    BioImaging Network
    Center for Integrated Protein Science Munich (CIPSM)
    Chemical Dynamics – From Femtochemistry to Biological Machines
    Gene Center Munich
    Human Science Center (HWZ)
    Interdisciplinary Center for Cognitive Language Studies (ICCLS)
    Laboratory for Extreme Photonics (LEX Photonics)
    Munich Center for Neurosciences - Brain and Mind (MCN)
    Munich Center for Organelle Research (CORE)
    Munich Centre for Advanced Photonics (MAP)
    Munich Geo Center
    Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM)
    Center for NanoScience (CeNS)
    Center for Neuropathology (ZNP)
    Center for International Health (CIH-LMU)
    Walter Brendel Center of Experimental Medicine (WBex)
    15 Yes
    LMU has 18 in house faculties offering students a range of facilities to research. In addition, LMU Munich also maintains several research facilities involved in numerous cross-faculty and trans disciplinary projects.

    Focus Areas
    • Photonics and Quantum Optics
    • Molecular Biosystems
    • Neurosciences
    • Protein Sciences
    • Translational Health Science
    Both Doctoral and Post Doctoral positions are currently available and admissions are through the individual faculties.

    You can find the current available doctoral positions here
  • LMU Munich provides students with a wide range of activities, designed to help everyone socialize as much as possible but also to get to know the city and the beautiful region.
    Many students organizations and groups are available, but entertainment is not all. Educational trips to other cities are organized regularly for students who wish to see more of Germany.
  • The university has founded a Dual Career Service with the purpose of answering questions on issues such as the application process and further education.
    Job Search Assistance is also available, whether you seek a job in the academic department or not. Locating potential employers, initiating new contacts and professional support with the application process are some of the things the Career Service offers.