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University Of Tübingen
  • Quick Stats Address Setting Country Established Website
    72076 Tübingen
    Urban Germany 1477 http://www.imit.uni-tuebingen.de/lehre.html
    Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen is a public research university located in Baden-Württemberg. One of the most famous and oldest universities in the world.Internationally renowned for pioneering research in medicine, natural sciences, and the humanities.Its been rated among the top 50 universities in the world in 2013
  • Admission Info Undergraduates SAT Undergraduate Fees Graduates TOEFL iBT GRE Quantitative GRE Verbal Graduate Fees Financial Aid Academic Term
    More.. 9242 €602 2019 88 €602 Winter and Fall
    Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

    4 different sections of the institute
    • Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry and Analytics
    • Pharmaceutical Biology
    • Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy
    • Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy and Toxicology
    • Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies
    Centre for Bioinformatics Tübingen (ZBIT)
    • Graduate program - Bioinformatics
    Centre for Plant Molecular Biology (ZMBP)
    • Graduate program - Cellular and Molecular Biology of Plants
    Inter faculty centres
    • Inter-faculty Institute for Biochemistry (IFIB)
    • Inter-faculty Institute for Microbiology and Infectious Medicine (IMIT)
    • Inter-faculty Institute for Cell Biology (IFIZ)
    • Interdisciplinary Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN)
    Various departments that exchange resources under the faculty centres
    • Dept. Microbial Genetics
    • Dept. Microbiology/Biotechnology
    • Dept. Microbiology/Organismic Interactions
    • Dept. Physiological Ecology of Plants
    Direct application to each department with the inclusion of
    • CV
    • motivation letter
    • two reference letters
    All details that are important to prospective students are listed on the website. Application deadlines vary depending on the courses students choose.GMAT and GRE are not required to apply for a MSc program, but they may serve as an indication that the applicant posesses a certain skill set.
  • Research & Scholars Scholar Funding Postdoc Scholars Research Facilities PhD Scholars Research Grants
    More.. see the complete list of research facilities here:
    18 Yes
    The University of Tübingen is an outstanding research institution, known worldwide.
    Research areas within the biotechnology program include:

    • Isolation of novel antibiotics,
    • Molecular analysis of antibiotics biosynthesis,
    • Secondary metabolite genomics,
    • Molecular biology of antibiotics producers and
    • Microbial cell wall and glycobiology.
  • Students at the University of Tubingen count as a third of the city's population. Around 30 fraternities (Studentenverbindungen) are available to join, student societies as well, gym and sports classes are available for everyone and a large number of activities keep students busy all year long.
  • The Career Services at the University of Tübingen is divided into 3 main areas:
    • Professional Study,
    • Consulting and Coaching for Career and
    • Business Contacts
    The Service offers high quality support for students who wish to pursue a career in the field of their choice.