American universities with good medical physics/biophysics research groups?

Discussion in 'Biophysics' started by songaa, Nov 14, 2009.

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    I'm studying in the UK for a physics degree but I would like to do a PhD in medical physics/biophysics. I'm very interested in going to the US, since the PhD courses seem really good and the departments are usually so well funded. It's quite hard to know where to start looking though, obviously I have looked at places like Harvard, Stanford, MIT etc but I feel like I'm probably missing some excellent departments so does anyone have any suggestions?
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    University of Northern Texas has one the best ones out there.
    A ton of their graduates are responsible for some of the best medical instruments currently being released

    University of Michigan's program for biophysics is actually pretty bad. I have colleagues who teach in related departments for the program and honestly tell me their students are not up to part.
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    I hate when people answer like the person above me.

    Here are a few that I know of...

    University of Michigan- Ann Arbor
    University of Michigan- Flint
    University of Michigan- Dearborn (this location doesn't have campus housing, just to let you know.)

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