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Discussion in 'On the Job' started by aadryanaa, Jul 31, 2013.

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    What tips can you share regarding asking for a raise?
    Have you ever asked for one yourself or do you prefer to wait for your boss to notice the good work you're doing?
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    I have never asked for a raise in my life!
    I actually was lucky enough to get one without me asking :D

    I'm good at my job, I'm not your ordinary employee who comes to work and leaves after 8 hours. I come in early almost every day, I work my 8 hours and, whenever I have a problem, I go talk to my boss because it's the right thing to do and he appreciates it when employees come to him. My other colleagues are afraid of the boss, as if he would bite their heads off!

    Also, if I didn't finish what I had to, I don't just get up and leave, I stay overtime and try to solve the problem.

    This is why I'm good at my job and this is why I got a raise out of the blue :)

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