Crazy super freak 8th grader in PSAT. IS IT THAT IMPORTANT?!?

Discussion in 'SAT' started by lucca, Nov 14, 2009.

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    My friend Angelica is taking classes in the Princeton Review, she got a BIG SAT prep book, and she's constantly getting in trouble in class for working in the book. We are 8th graders.

    People keep saying that the PSAT isn't that important in 8th grade.

    Shes so dumb. Not really but she doesn't realize that you don't qualify for merit until your senior year of high school. College people don't even look at the PSAT scores if you don't qualify for Merit. And my dumb counselor who is and old hag keeps saying, "High schools look at this for AP classes, and if you do well you get the merit." I'm like what the freak? Do you know what the PSAT is for?

    Yeah this is pretty crapped up
    What should I say to her? Please write exactly what I should say

    I took the PSAT last year and scored the 90th percentile, but i knew it wasn't important so I don't care.

    Our school requires us to take it, but if we did well last year, we don't have to take it.

    I guess I'm pretty smart, should I take it?

    She's taking it too seriously. She takes 240 dollar PSAT prep classes for a test that's not even serious at this time.
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    The problem with studying for the PSAT so early is that retention may not be great -- a student might not remember for the actual test in 11th grade. But some kids will.

    My son's very rigorous private high school has the kids take a practice PSAT in 10th grade and then the real PSAT for 11th. About 50% of the seniors are National Merit recognized (extremely high number), with more than half of them becoming National Merit Finalists.

    National Merit recognition is awarded to those scoring in about the top 3% of students taking the PSAT. National Merit Finalists score at the top 1%. Top colleges take notice of Finalists. That's how my dh, in his not-so-great public school in the boonies, was noticed by an Ivy League school and ended up being admitted. So you can see how scoring at the top of the PSATs is very important. There are also scholarships available to National Merit Finalists.

    But I gotta tell you, you're coming off as sort of envious of this girl. I don't know if you are or not, I'm just telling you how it reads. = ) You shouldn't say anything to her, you should mind your own business. Maybe she needs to study to do well, maybe she wants to do excellent. A big part of doing well while taking the test is actually taking the test. Practice takes part of the stress off of taking the actual test. Taking the test also tells you what you need to study.

    90 percentile in 8th is pretty good, but the competition is stiff, and at my son's private (very rigorous) K - 8, at least 5 kids out of 35 scored higher and many right around 90 percentile. But these are kids who probably want to go to the Ivies, etc, so if that's not your future dream, then don't worry about it, don't take another PSAT until it counts. My son is a test wiz, so he'll likely only get tutoring for the PSAT that counts.

    Good luck!
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    Well its good for her for being prepared, but just tell her she should loosen up and focus on stuff shes actually learning at school.

    Its always good to get extra practice, cause she'll most likely score really high on the PSATs and SATs and get some big scholarships.
    But just tell her to loosen up and if she doesnt, then i guess youre screwed with a super smart friend :p
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    If you get like a 220 or above on the PSAT, you can qualify for some scholarship. NO LIE. It might be 200 or above. is 90th percenttile 200?
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    haha no offense but your friend is an idiot :/ im a junior now and i acutally take it on wednesday. You can only qualify for merit your JUNIOR year of highschool, you find out if you're a merit semifinalist at the beginning of your senior year (but you should get your scores before junior winter break).We thought that a couple of people our freshman year were crazy for taking it then (of course they were Asian lol). But i did take it sophmore year for practice which does help, that is when people normally start taking it! i wouldnt even worry about it now, at all. Get the book before junior year cuz it changes. Haha please explain this to your friend
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    I mean it's good that she's taking it early; our school requires all sophomores to take the PSAT, even though they aren't eligible for the scholarship, because it's good practice. And it's better to freak out about it now than to freak out about it junior year, when you'll be busier :D

    So yeah, unless she's like seriously stressed out and it's affecting her mental health, you don't have to do or say anything to her. Since she's so serious about it, she'd end up getting those 240 dollar classes eventually, she just happens to be doing it earlier than normal.
    I guess you should tell her that her grades in school affect whether or not she can do well in AP classes more than the PSAT will, so she needs to get her priorities straight and stop reading that SAT prep book in class.

    Your counselor is an idiot though, someone needs to slap some sense into her hahah.

    Oh, and if you've already taken it, you don't need to take it again, that's just a waste of money haha. It's not like you need THAT much practice.

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