Cystic Fibrosis??

Discussion in 'Genetics' started by leander, Nov 13, 2009.

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    Both my hubby and I tested positive for caring the genetics for CF, neither of us have the disease. I got tested with this pregnancy only b/c my hubby has a child that also carries the genetics for it but does not have it. I am going to have a CVS test week and we should have the results in a few days up to a week.

    We have both agreed to end the pregnancy if the baby has CF only b/c the child will only have a 40% chance living past age 18, average age of someone with CF is only 37.

    Since ending the pregnancy is something that we both agree on, I am unsure how I will handle it mentally & emotionally.

    Has anyone been in this situation before? How did you deal with ending the pregnancy? Later on did you and your hubby do IVF with genetic testing to ensure you have a healthy child, or did you use donor sperm or egg that was CF free?
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    Having to make that decision is extremely difficult. I don't know how you would deal with it. We made the decision not to do any testing so we wouldn't be faced with it but I can see why you would want to. has a group of moms that have been through it and had to make that decision. If you are faced with it you might look into joining a support group at the hospital or online.

    Good luck and hopefully you will have a healthy baby and not have to face this.
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    There are many childless carefree couples.
    Have him get a vasectomy or have your tubes tied.
    End of genetic gymnastics and excuses.
    Relax and enjoy.
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    This is such a sad situation. My belief is that even those 18 years or 37 years are years this person deserves to live. Who knows where research is headed. What if they found a cure in two years, ten years, or even as a result of this child? I'm not trying to lecture I just want to make sure you see the other side of this.
    I don't know that you can deal with it. I think its something that will affect you the rest of your life. Are you sure you agree with you husband about ending the pregnancy because you seem very wishy washy. Just listen to your heart.
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    Those test aren't that accurate b/c i was positive w/ my daughter and there isnt one thing wrong with her. So i would wait before KILLING your child!
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    i don't know how you will deal with it emotianally but i know it is something that no matter how you feel now you will always wish you could take it back its not as eay of a thing to forget as 1 may think

    but like you said both u and your hubby jhave this gene and are perfectly healthy right???
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    You may really get upset at what I'm about to say, but I feel I should say it. I'm sitting here looking at the Christmas tree that was left to me by my sister who died in 99 from CF. As I look around the room I see nick nacks, pictures, odds and ends, and I see two beautiful children I have who miss her terribly.

    You see my sister was the most amazing person I ever knew. She was gorgeous inside and out. Everyone loved her immediately. Sincerely this is not just ramblings from someone in grief about someone who's passed, it's true. For two years I really thought I would die myself after she left us. But you I read what you're writing I'm pretty taken aback that you would consider ending a life because of a genetic disease. Who would I have been without my sister? How many troubles in my life would I have gotten through as well as I did without her advice? Would I have learned to be as loyal and loving without her? I can't imagine my life without her having touched mine, and let me tell you that she didn't regret one minute of it, short lived as it was. She was 28 when she died. Yes she had dreams and asperations that she couldn't accomplish because of her illness but so many breakthroughs have come since her passing that could have made her life even longer if she'd been born years after she was.

    I'm sorry but I find the idea of abortion because of a genetic disease more selfish on your parts than the desire to save them from a life of illness and the fact that you're even asking how you'll handle it emotionally tells me you feel guilty, as you should. Everyone has the right to live, and if you're that against the idea of bringing a sick child into the world you need to adopt and be done with it.

    To answer your question though, how you'll handle it is up to you. Every emotion is felt differently by everyone as well as grief. Given your question I doubt you'll handle it well and will always regret it. I hope that helps you.

    I'm sickened with this so I'm going to end it here. Good luck to you and yours and for the sake of the child you've already agreed to kill if he/she should test positive for CF. Do me a favor, do a search for cf memorial and Angela Kay Rainwater. Look at her long and hard and ask yourself if she'd been yours would you have wanted to kill her? I honor my Mom for not making the decision you're wanting to. Please, adopt and get a tubaligation.
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    If the test comes back positive, and you choose to terminate, you would probably benefit from some grief counseling. Check around in your area to see if there is a therapist that specializes in pregnancy loss, or see if there are some support groups for people like you.

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