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News Dr. David Prentice from FRC wants Ohio to ban animal-human hybrid cloning

Article in 'News' Written by Arul Prakash Published Nov 14, 2013

  1. Dr. David Prentice, senior fellow at FRC testified before before the Ohio House of Representatives' Health and Aging Committee in support of H.B. 308, a bill that would ban human cloning and the creation of animal-human hybrids in Ohio.

    Dr. David Prentice, a well-known expert in stem research stated that animal-human hybrids are certainly not a necessity for stem cell research.

    Citing the claims about patients who receive stem cell treatment being arrested in Ohio once the bill passes, He added that the claims were fraudulent and stem cell treatment would remain legal in Ohio, despite the H.B.308, as the bill does not cover the cells incorporated into a patient's body.

    He made references to US government law that prohibits funding for research that involves creation and destruction of human embryos and similar bans against human cloning in France, Germany, Canada.

    "There are no valid or compelling grounds - ethical, scientific, or medical - to allow cloning of human embryos for any purpose, nor for production of animal-human hybrids. H.B. 308 provides common sense restrictions on human cloning and animal-human hybrids in Ohio and would prohibit these abuses, without limiting any valid medical research. I encourage you to pass this bill."

    Early this year, Japan had officially started world's first human stem cell research at RIKEN under similar scrutiny about ethical and scientific values.

    FRC has scheduled a debate on 11th Dec 2013, titled "Stem Cells: Fact vs. Fiction" to create awareness about stem cell research.
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