Find journal articles on botany with abstract,introduction?

Discussion in 'Plant biotechnology' started by owain, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. owain

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    American Journal of Botany... you can typically get abstracts and can pay for the papers if you really want the paper.

    If you are a college student, you should be able to access the journal for FREE (if your university subscribes to that journal). I used to get a lot of journal articles for free at the university I attended, it was great! You probably have to login to the libraries site, then search for the journal.
  2. santos17

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    Try the Botanical Society of America website,
  3. akeno

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    There are numerous botanical journals, so it depends on what you want to find. Most journals make at least the abstracts available and, as noted by one of the others, often charge for the full paper (but you can usually get them for free if you are in college because they have electronic subscriptions). You should search on the topic you are interested in, using Google or Google Scholar, locate the papers you are interested in and either search for the journal site or follow the links.
  4. jazmina57

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    Just use keywords to find what you want. Not all "free" articles though.

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