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Discussion in 'Other Fields' started by jedediah, Nov 13, 2009.

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    I have a masters degree in Botany and would like to know which good schools I should apply for a PhD program. I am not looking for top 20 schools. I am expecting a GRE score of 1250-1320.

    I would prefer a school which is surrounded by various biotech companies so that the job oppertunities are good after I graduate.

    Please help me out with this and please post the relevant links too.

    Appreciation in advance.
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    The University of Wisconsin-Madison as one of the top Micro programs and there are many biotech companies located in Madison.

    Since you are not looking for a top 20 school, this increases your options. If you want to look for schools that are near biotech companies, then I would look more at universities in/near large cities just for the fact that they will likely have more opportunities. I wouldn't suggest sompleace like Iowa State University for you. They have a good Vet Micro program but no biotech companies in Ames.

    As I am more familiar with areas around the upper mid-west, I would suggest places in/around the Chicago area, such as Loyola or the University of Chicago.
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    Try U of Virginia or Stanford

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