GRE Jitters or what...?

Discussion in 'GRE' started by huntington, Nov 14, 2009.

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    Hey all,

    This goes out to anyone who has ever taken the GRE. For the last month or so I've been prepping myself for this test and I just finished taking it this afternoon. I felt good on the writing and verbal sections, but I completely ran out of time on the quantitative. I did well with my three computerized practice tests with scores of 740, 800, and 800 on the quantitative section. I felt so horrible about my performance today that I canceled my scores. Has anybody else experienced this and were you able to do better the next time around???
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    Those are amazing scores. You were probably stressed out (I was too, but I did better than I thought). If I were you, I would get my scores reinstated what is the worst that can happen? This way you will have an idea of how you scored and can take advantage of the free basic service that ETS offers. Here's how it works: once you get your GRE scores in the mail, there will be a registration number. If you enter the registration number as well as some of your information, they can tell you where you need help.
    Here's the website:
    Here's the website that explains how to reinstate your scores:

    Reinstate your scores. You put the effort into studying and scores like that would most likely get you into any graduate program you apply to.

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