How do I get hold of a local fisheries biologist or read thier reports?

Discussion in 'Toxicology' started by buach, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. buach

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    I live in California, near lake McClure. I'm interested in a report on my local lakes, but havn't been able to locate a compreshensive report yet.
  2. edwardo82

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    Check with your local CDFG office. They should give you the name of one of their own biologists and his or her telephone number.

    I live in Cali also and have read reports on my own home lake. I went to the trout hatchery down the freeway from my town, though and talked to the lady working the front desk. She wasn't as helpful as I had hoped, but she was helpful enough for the information I wanted.

    CDFG = California Department of Fish & Game

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