How good is my ACT score? How does it compare to an SAT score?

Discussion in 'SAT' started by dedrick, Nov 13, 2009.

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    I got a composite score of 22
    English: 23
    Math: 24
    Reading: 20
    Science: 22
    Writing: Not yet available (they haven't graded my essay)

    Is this good enough to get me into a decent college? I know it's not a great score.
    Should I retake it? I've heard from some people that colleges take your most recent test, others have said they take your best score.

    Also, if I get a good writing score and I retake the test (and do better) with no writing will a college take the new score and the old essay?

    Thanks :)
  2. ryley62

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    I got a 22 as well. It depends on the school you want to go to. I know some schools don't even need test scores. I know that ISU (Idaho State) requires an 18.
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    It's about a 1030, which isn't that amazing, but it won't totally keep you out of college. Yes, you should retake if possible.

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