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News Human stem cells successfully used to create "Mini-kidneys"

Article in 'News' Written by Arul Prakash Published Nov 18, 2013

  1. Researchers from University Of Barcelona have been successful in converting human stem cells into Kidney cells, it is the first ever successful conversion.

    There is great interest in using stem cells for kidney treatment around the world as lifestyle changes have increased mortality due to kidney diseases. At present patients have to depend on donor kidney or dialysis as most of these kidney diseases are incurable.

    Kidney primordium obtained from human stem cells. In yellow the human cells differentiated to renal progenitors from the collecting duct system. Photograph: CMRB

    In a recent study published on the Nature Cell Biology Journal, research team led by Dr. Juan Belmonte, Director of Center of Regenerative Medicine (CMRB) Barcelona have documented the first ever successful conversion of stem cells to kidney cells. The

    The study showed the formation of 3D kidney structures identical to embryonic kidneys with the conversion and subsequent aggregation of human (iPS) cells obtained from skin into kidney cells.

    The development of embryonic kidney cells could revolutionise treatments for kidney diseases.

    Further reading: Directed differentiation of human pluripotent cells to ureteric bud kidney progenitor-like cells
    Y. Xia, E. Nivet, I. Sancho Martínez, T. Gallegos, K. Suzuki, D. I. Okamura, M. Wu, I. Dubova, C. Rodríguez Esteban, N. Montserrat, J. M. Campistol, J. C. Izpisúa Belmonte.
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