In zoological terms, are birds regarded as dinosaurs?

Discussion in 'Virology' started by ernest, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. ernest

    ernest Guest

    Birds are descendants of a therapod line of dinosaurs and, accordingly, have inherited the compulsive behavior patterns of the dinosaur; namely, periodic migration to the north for safe-nesting and, in successive season, return to the south for abundant feeding,
  2. devereaux96

    devereaux96 Guest

    No, birds are thought to be decedents from reptiles. Birds are Class Aves. In evolutionary terms birds descended from reptiles.
  3. lundie

    lundie Guest

    no, they are regarded as descendants of dinosaurs.

    they evolved from dinosaurs but they aren't dinosaurs
  4. xalbador

    xalbador Guest

    Science can prove that some birds are descendants of small meat-eating dinosaurs.

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