Internship , projects in pharma industry ?

Discussion in 'Other Fields' started by warden, Nov 13, 2009.

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    I would like to know if i can do internship or few months project in any phrama / biotech / healthcare company ? Are there any companies who give such opportunities ?

    I am MBA from India and have 5 yrs work experince in pharma product management. i have 2 yrs sales experince as well. I got married and came to NYC. Currently unemployed.

    I have been applying to various companies but no success yet.So wondering whether i can do internship or a project or a part time job , which will help me entering in pharma industry.
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    Probably not. Internship are usually reserved for students or recent graduates in order to GAIN work experience. It sounds like you already have it. You will just have to keep applying for jobs and hope for the best.

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