Is zoology a dying field?

Discussion in 'Virology' started by baltasar, Nov 14, 2009.

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    While recently talking to my grandfather about my plans for the future, which include zoology, I was informed of the impracticality of such goals. He taught college level biology for over thirty years and has many reliable sources and contacts so I am unable to take his comment lightly. I feel I should be prepared with all the facts before either taking on an improbable goal or giving up a dream on limited information.
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    I think what he meant was that a "classical" zoologist might have difficulty today getting a job. If you look at institutions of higher learning, and who they are hiring, they are still hiring zoologists but those people are coming in with strong molecular biology backgrounds. Bioinformatics (DNA and Computers), classification of animals by cladistics, and biotechnology tools are become part of the toolbag of modern zoologists. Knowledge of advanced statistics and geographical information systems are also tools that would help a zoologist today in getting employment, either in academia or private institutions or industries.

    Thirty or forty years ago, a strong background in field biology, identification of organisms in the field, museum techniques, classical nomenclature/taxonomy, and other field experience were the things looked for, but today it's a different world. There are still jobs for people who interact with the public and are zoologists (vector control, wildlife sanctuaries, wildlife guides, conservation experts) without the tools I mention above, but it sure helps if you have those newer skills.
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    Whatever gave your grandfather that notion, I have no idea.

    Zoology will be around for as long as there are other animals in this world besides us. And of the animals that are here, the knowledge we have of them is comparatively miniscule at the moment.

    There is so much we don't know about other animals, it far outweighs what we do know, and that will keep us busy for a very, very long time.
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    Of course this field isn't dying. Zoology is a forever expanding field. For example, zoo vets are on high demand. Zoos need vets who know the difference between a house cat and a lion!
    Human beings need to understand the world around us and in fact, the animal kingdom is a bit of a mystery.
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    Of course it isn't dying. There have never before been as many zoologists. As before, however, it isn't a career that's likely to be well paid. If you want zoology to leave you with a small fortune, then make sure you have a large fortune to begin with.
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    it better as heck not be

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