Missed my GRE test date: What happens next?

Discussion in 'GRE' started by sid, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. sid

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    I missed my GRE test date due to family emergency and it was too late to cancel or reschedule my test date. I understand the registration money cant be refunded, but will it affect my future test score in anyways? I know it is mentioned that they hold on to the scores for 5 years, but i am hoping that doesn't account for exams not taken? I am confused and worried.
  2. apiatan

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    No it does not show on ur record that is sent to the schools

    but they will have a record that will indicate a "no show"

    but dont worry

    that has nothing to do with the report that is sent to the univ

    i didnt show up for one test and then cancelled one more

    none of them show on my record

    all the best with ur next try!
  3. prince

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    Can you reschedule the exam the same month??.
  4. attleigh

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    No, it won't affect your future scores at all. You lost the money, just resign up and take it again.

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