No prep for GRE test - how bad is it going to be?

Discussion in 'GRE' started by theobald, Nov 13, 2009.

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    I decided rather spur of the moment to apply to USA grad schools (Yale, Princeton and Harvard). I'm a Brit, so don't really know the system. I went to a good uni (Edinburgh) and got a first in English Literature. I am applying to do a Ph.D in English

    However, due to it being a bit of a rush, I'm taking the GRE general on Thursday, and have done no prep (seen as I only decided to do it a week or so ago) I am trying to use the free software from Prometric, but it doesn't work properly on my computer. I have been able to read the maths document, and it looks like I'm just about familiar with the concepts, but have not done math since I was 16 (now 22) so am very rusty . . .

    Basically, how badly am I going to bomb, with no prep, no familiarity with this sort of test, stressed out because I'm taking the test in Osaka (a city I don't know at all) . . . I'm freaking out a bit!

    I'm taking the GRE subject test in November, which might at least help make up for a bad general score - anyone able to recommend any good prep materials for the Literature in English test?
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    The general GRE doesn't have any prep other than getting a good night's sleep. It is a general knowledge and skills test so you can't really do much towards preparation. The subject tests are similar although you can do some basic prep. Sorry, when I took the GRE there wasn't any prep material available.
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    don't listen to her! you must prepare , try to be familiar with the type of questions and try to learn as much vocabulary words that you can . Get the Barron's book or the Kaplan , those give you an idea of what to expect
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