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    Neuroscience can be extremely challenging to study but it is equally rewarding if you do choose that as your career path. There are various job roles available right now and new roles being created as we speak as the field is still evolving as we still don't know a lot about the field. Hence projects like [thread=1702]human brain project[/thread]

    You must choose between research and normal jobs. If you are into science then doctoral degrees should be your first choice as the pay and job satisfaction will be higher.

    As the field is so cutting edge the school you study is important. You can find these courses in the top 10 universities in both Europe and US, but anything within the TOP 30 in both the countries then you should be fine.

    Top Universities For Neuroscience

    Here is a top 10 US universities for Neuroscience
    1. Harvard University, Boston, MA
    2. Stanford University, Stanford, CA
    3. University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
    4. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
    5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
    6. Yale University, New Haven, CT
    7. Columbia University, New York, NY
    8. University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA
    9. University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, CA
    10. Rockefeller University, New York, NY
    Here is a top 5 EU universities for Neuroscience studies
    1. University of Cambridge
    2. University College London
    3. Max Planck Society
    4. University of Oxford
    5. Pitié-Salpetrière Hospital, Paris
    Of-course, there are plenty of other options available and you are free to explore them.

    Job Roles

    Neuroscience is a truly inter disciplinary subject requiring skills in different fields and the job profiles reflect this. You can add a MBA to your research degree and would still find a job description to perfectly fit your resume.Here are some of the top neuroscience related job roles

    Research Roles

    - General research of cognitive system. You can further classify this into several niche roles such as
    1. Behavioral neuroscientist - Research of behavioral charactertics anger, skills and memory.
    2. Clinical neuroscientist - Research aimed clinical drug development by studying brain development and functions.
    3. Developmental neuroscientist - Research of cellular and molecular mechanisms of brain
    Medical roles
    1. Neuroanatomist - study of the anatomy and stereotyped organization of nervous systems
    2. Neurobiologist - study of cells of the nervous system and the organization of these cells into functional circuits that process information and mediate behavior
    3. Neurochemist - study of neurochemicals and their role in brain.
    4. Neuropathologist - study of nervous system diseases.
    5. Neuropharmacologist - study of drugs effect on the nervous system.
    6. Neurophysiologist - study of electrical impulses and composition of nervous system.
    7. Neuropsychologist - studying brains response to psychological processes.
    Hospital roles
    1. Electroneurodiagnostic (END) technologists - use specialized equipment to monitor how well a patient’s nervous system.
    2. Neurosurgeon - performs brain surgery.
    There are plenty of other job roles available with the government sector leading in employment unlike other biotechnology related fields.

    Average salary per year ( from US occupational handbook) so might differ with companies and countries.
    • $76,700 USD for scientific roles
    • $40,000 USD for medical roles
    • $30,000 USD for diagnotisic roles
    • $1,66,400 USD for neurosurgeons
    Career in neuroscience does seem to be exciting and financially rewarding provided you put in the effort to gain the skills. Most of these jobs remain vacant despite the availability as graduates don't meet the skill requirements for the job.
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    Nice article I need a article for computational fields.:D

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