Tips On Using Social Media To Get A Job

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    How many of you are actively using social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedin and others to create a online presence. If you are not then its time that you started using these tools as recruiters in our field are using social recruiting techniques to find suitable candidates. Of course Linkedin is the primary source for employers finding suitable employees but other platforms are catching up. Here are some ideas that you can use.


    Connect with Industry.

    Follow the social media pages of top 5 companies in your industry not the companies your would like to work for but just the overall top 5 companies. Most probably these big companies will decide the trends that the industry follows and it would help you in keeping your resume as fresh as possible with additional skills.Moreover, it also shows your prospective employer that you are keen on improving your skills and in-sync with the industry.

    Keep it simple

    Keep your online portfolio simple, your social media profiles need not have to be impressive content all that recruiters are looking for is consistent online presence. Which is whether you are behaving properly while communicating socially. You don't need to be on any other networks that your employers are not.


    Engage yourself with employees of your dream companies on twitter and other places. Find out more about your company and create a good impression ( without looking like a sycophant ).


    Twitter is another great tool to follow experts in your field. This helps to keep you on your toes with industry insights and new job opportunities. A list of your favourite employers can be easily made using Twitter lists feature making it easy for your to follow and reply to job offers.

    Video Resume

    This is the next best thing to interviewing in person. When recruiters are looking for something more and a youtube video attached to your job applications can do no harm. The video should be short and precise with all the information that your normal resume would cover. If your video editing skills are not great, then you can use something like fiverr to get it done.

    Google Hangouts

    As most of us use a gmail account for our e-mails it makes sense to have your Google plus profile completed.You need not be active on Google plus but you can use your Google plus profile to participate in healthy discussions and hangouts which basically google's answer to webinars.

    Managing Social Media

    Managing and keeping track of all the social media platforms can take time but there are tools available that would simplify the task.

    Free Social Media Tools is a great tool to search the social media. It's like google for social media sites it is not a tool but this website gives your a good idea about your klout in your industry. this is a full blow social media marketing platform, can be a bit overwhelming for most people but it wont take long to figure it out.

    Please help me add more ideas and tools to this article.
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    Nice tips. Didn't know you can use facebook for a usefully :cool:

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