Translation and transcription genetics?

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    1. In the DNA molecule, what portion contains the coding for a protein?

    2. You analyze a portion of a chromosome. On one side is adenine. What is paired on the other side of the helix?

    3. If an mRNA copy is made from adenine in the DNA, what will its complimentary base be?

    4. Thinking about the link featuring DNA studies and killer whales, scientists have already learned a great deal about killer whale populations. All of the findings below are due to DNA analysis EXCEPT:
    pod structure and relatedness
    paternity trends
    disease causing organisms
    genetic variations among clans

    5. The name of the process that makes a working copy of the protein’s directions from the original DNA is called ________

    6. When the mRNA arrives in the cytoplasm, it attaches to an organelle called the ribosome. What happens next?

    7. Proteins, especially enzymes, don't need to be produced all the time. A genetic “on and off” switch is also called a(n) _____

    8. What does the ribosome do?

    9. What does the tRNA do?

    10. If a gene coding sequence on the DNA reads AAT CGA what will the mRNA sequence be?
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    1. the open reading frame, the exon, the gene

    2. thymidine

    3. uracil

    4. link? probably disease causing organisms

    5. translation

    6. it is translated into protein

    7. regulatory sequence, promoter, operator

    8. translates mRNA to produce protein

    9. carries the amino acids to the ribosome

    10. AAU CGA (the coding sequence in DNA is the same as the mRNA sequence, except for the substitution of uracil for thymine)
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    1) none yet, it has to go through transcription and translation.
    2) Thymine
    3) Uracil
    4) ?
    5) Translation
    6) The bigger unit of the ribosome comes on top. tRNA then comes with anticodons to match with the codons, and an amino acid is added to a chain of amino acids.
    7) ?
    8) It interacts (along with mRNA) with tRNA
    9) matched an anticodon to match with the mRNA's codons. The tRNA has an amino acid on the end of it, and a chain of amino acids forms.
    10) UUA, GCU.
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    1. Genes
    2. A-T and G-C; answer is T
    3. U
    4. Probably disease causing organisms
    5. Transcription
    6. Translation
    7. Not sure...
    8. Translates RNA primarily
    9. Binds to specific amino acids and assists in the process of translation
    10. UUAGCU
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    I love this stuff, it's what I was made to do in life. I know pretty much everything there is to know about molecular biology. Well, good luck!

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