What are my chances. please help?

Discussion in 'GRE' started by cibor35, Nov 14, 2009.

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    Also, where can I find a source to help me profile potential schools to my resume (GPA, GRE,...)

    GPA is a 3.4
    GRE is a 600 Verbal 700 Quant
    I have three great letters of recommendation (one from a tenure professor I took a course with, did 3 semesters of research with (Hepatitis C research) and worked as a lab manager for 2 semesters with.
    The other is from a tenure biomedical physics professor who received his PhD from Yale, and I scored 1st in his class. (said he would write me a great LOR). The 3rd was kind of a last ditch effort, I went with my personal instructor (post doc) who actually instructed me in all the research activities I did in my three semesters studying hepatitis.

    I haven't written my personal statement or my purpose of study yet.

    I am also dual degree (170+ hours when I graduate 164 when I apply) w/ bachelors of science in both biology and psychology (4.0 psychology gpa).
    last 2 years GPA will be a 3.8-3.9. My final gpa will likely be a 3.5-3.6 (should graduate w/ honors).

    I am also in a couple clubs and I tutored for 3 years (6 semesters).

    Please, help me find a source that will help me profile my credientals to potential schools.

    This is my list atm

    University of Florida (Neuroscience)
    Florida State University (Neuroscience)
    USF (Cancer Biology)
    UCF (Biomedical Sciences)
    UCLA (Neuroscience)
    Boston University (neurobiology)
    Georgetown (biology)
    Michigan State University (biology)
    UCSD (Neuroscience)
    Uni. of Minnesota (cancer biology)
    Stanford University (Cancer biology)
    Uni. of Cincinnati (cancer biology)
    Auburn University (biological sciences)
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    There isnt really a website that I know of per say that lets you input your stats etc and it lists schools- but let me tell you with that gpa- you should get into most any of those schools for a Masters, and about half of those schools for a PHD. There all very good. Stanford may be a stretch as maybe Boston and Georgetown.

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