What are the most promising biotechnology drugs?

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    What are the most promising biotechnology drugs? What are the biotechnology drugs that are coming to market? How will they impact medical care?
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    From; http://www.biotech-weblog.com/50226711/more_than_400_biotechnology_drugs_and_vaccines_under_trials.php "More than 400 Biotechnology Drugs and Vaccines Under Trials" A new report (pdf file) from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association (PhRMA) found 418 medicines and vaccines developed through biotechnology in various stages of development to treat more than 100 diseases. The breakdown: * 210 medicines to treat cancer * 50 to treat infectious diseaselinks * 44 to treat autoimmune disorders * 22 to treat HIV Infection and related-conditions and * 22 to treat cardiovascular diseases The report also highlights biotech drugs such as: * monoclonal antibodies targeting asthma, lupus and various types of cancer * vaccines designed against AIDS and cancer * antisense products as potential treatments for cancer and heart disease * gene therapy testing in cancer and heart disease." There is a pdf about this that you can download. http://www.engelpub.com/News/download.cfm?articleid=365387&attachmentid=54139 Business Week, Dec 29, 2008, had an interesting article about memory drugs being developed. "A half-dozen companies now have memory drugs in their research pipelines..." Source(s): http://www.biotech-weblog.com/50226711 Business Week, Dec 29, 2008
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    What were the new biotechnology drugs released in 2008?

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