What's the typical population density of largemouth bass in an average pond?

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    How many bass of catchable size (maybe 10 inches or more) live in a pond or small lake? Assume the pond or lake is an average fishery and receives an average amount of fishing pressure from anglers. Ideally I'd like a number of bass per acre, per hectare, or per volume of water with a reference.
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    First off, catchable size is more than ten inches and all should be released. Nothing is average but people and more important variables are: the size of lake, the age of the lake, the amount of natural forage, the depth and structures in the water (cover), and predators like (cormorants, other birds of prey and anglers) does the lake have other fish sunfish, catfish or others? How does the pond get it's water would be another variable but, even with everything perfect without counting them it's all guessing. Here is an excellent study done in Dakota Ponds and the second in Illinois where the average was 75 bass per acre. and stocking facts the last one
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    This is a pretty complicated question that might be better asked to your state wildlife fish and game department. Another place to check if you have a large university near is their marine biology or aquatic plant studies departments. Students may have gathered all the info that you are looking for. Good Luck
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    This is making my brain hurt. You asked this 7 hours ago, give me a couple hours and I'll get back to it with an answer for 'ya...

    Most ponds with grass, cover and forage will support about 40 pounds per acre with a sustained yield of about 12 pounds per acre.

    This is from a study of some Florida ponds.
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    it all depends where the lake is, the further north the less and less bass

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