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Discussion in 'SAT' started by ricki, Nov 14, 2009.

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    I've only taken the SAT once before and I want to take it again for a better score.Is the SAT guide/practice book helpful to you? I used it last time before I took the SAT but it didn't seem to help at all. I feel like the questions in the practice book are not equally as difficult as the questions on the actual test because in the tests i was taking out of the practice books I got really high scores but in the actual exam I did rather shitty. Plus on the actual exam I saw math symbols (such as "x" and it wasn't for multiplication) that were not in the practice book. So I guess my question is did the practice book work for you? How long did you study? Which one did you use..and any helpful tips would be appreciated. THANKS! =]
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    you can't be serious... not trying to be mean or anything but if you are serious you shouldn't be taking the SAT right now. if you've never seen "x" used as anything but multiplication, that means you didn't even take Algebra. You can't do the SAT math portion without algebra and geometry..
    but the best practice would be to keep taking practice tests from the official SAT exams released by college board. It'd probably best if you took Algebra and Geometry before you even attempt to take the SAT again.
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    I've been an SAT/ACT tutor for 22 years. In my experience, the very best review book for the SATs is the one put out by the college board themselves. After all, they should know what type of questions will be on the test. In fact, the college board review book, The Official SAT Study Guide, is made up of past tests.
    Having said that, many of my students do much better on practice tests in my office than they do on the actual test. That's what's called test anxiety. There's something about the actual environment of the test-taking room that makes some people freeze. The best way to counter that is to take the test a few times.
    When you take practice tests, you should occasionally take the ENTIRE SAT in one sitting as you will have to do for the test, because unfortunately, the SAT is an endurance test. Read my blog for helpful hints on taking the SATs: www.highschool2college.wordpress.com. Hope this helps.
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    I don't know if this helps, but when I took my SAT I had at least 5 books I used to study.
    Well, maybe my parents being teachers themselves had something to do with it :D
    Joking aside, you should talk to your teachers and ask for their opinion on this. Maybe they can recommend some books for you.

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